Hello, my name is Lee and I like games.

You probably do to, otherwise why would you be here?

I am a mum to a couple of young boys – who like games – and the small round wife to a large bearded viking man – who also like games!


Anyway, this love of games means we get to have a lot of silly fun together, and we thought it would be nice to have a place to share these silly experiences with like-minded folk.

So if you like games – be they board games, outdoor games, computer games or role playing games – or even just other fun nerdy shenanigans, then feel free to follow along!

There is no set posting schedule here (Pffft! Dont be daft! Schedule? What’s that?), but if you follow me on Mastodon, I’ll most likely post updates there when I upload something new. 


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I do this to help fund the time spent on creating this content to share with you.

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